3 07 2009


Hello and good morning everyone on this wonderful TGIF Friday! One day before the big day! Anyways, the viewing area is gearing up for extensive amounts of rainfall and possibly severe thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. Lets first get started off with what is going on through noon today. Current we are experiencing a couple of showers across the viewing area left over from last nights Convective Storms from Western Nebraska. These should continue to move eastward and fall apart through noon. Rainfall amounts should be pretty sparse with this activity so no worries of heavy rainfall with this batch. As we head later into the afternoon hours this is when things will begin to get dicey across the region. The storm prediction center has issued a slight risk for severe storms from Norfolk to Little Sioux Iowa on Southward. A favorable enviroment exsist for super cells to develop in the region with large hail and damaging winds the mains hazards. Even an isolated Tornado may be possible from Lincoln to Omaha to Council Bluffs on southward.

Heavy Rainfall should be a real concern across the entire viewing area. I have been analysing over the computer models for the last couple of days and finally they have worked out their differences and came to a solid solution. It appears with precipable water values approacing 2.00″ this evening and model’s developing a large swath of heavy rain of 1-2.00″ of rain across the area. But models always tend to unerestimate heavy rainfall amounts due to that they cant display thunderstorms very well. Nevertheless Heavy rainfall amounts of 1.00-2.00″ will be possible over the entire region tonight. Firework activities im afraid will be affected with mother natures fireworks. The thunderstorms and heavy rainfall will tend to wain and severe activity should diminish after 10-11 PM transition to more of a Heavy Rain threat into Iowa. Stay tuned for the new update near Noon.




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