5 07 2009

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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Despite the Cool weather in the 60s and 70s and clouds all day not to mention the heavy drizzle that fell on my head, it was a good evening for fire work viewing. No Mosquitos or bugs to speak of. Take a good walk before the weekend is over because this tranquil weather and temperatures will not last beyond Sunday. As we head towards Sunday, it should actually be quite a much better day then this Saturday. The clouds will have been completely eroded, and high temperatures will be in the lower to Middle 80s. Ideal weather for a picnic and throwing the frisbee around. As we head through monday-Tuesday things really begin to heat up across the entire viewing area. High temperatures will soar to near 90 degrees Monday and into the lower 90s by Tuesday as well as Wednesday. Also, Humidity values will begin to rise as well with the high heat by the end of the week. What does this all mean? It means High Heat Index values will once again be possible across the viewing area. The hottest days of the last two weeks will center around Thursday and Friday when high temos could be over 95-97 degrees over much of the viewing area. Combined with humidity values as well. I wouldnt be too surprised if a Heat Advisory was issued for the region later on this week.

This whole pattern responsible for the heat that will soon build into the region is a ZOnal Flow pattern, and jet stream, which flos from west to East bringing some storm systems as well as windy conditions. This will also be responsible for a ridge of high pressure and that is what is centering the hot area of high pressure over the Center of the Nation. But, by Saturday, a cold front will move into the region, bringing with it possible Scattered Thunderstorms, some severe with all this heat and humidity mixed in. It isnt for sure in the books right now for Severe Storms occuring later in the week, but past history shows that this could happen. Bottom line is that this cool damp weather will soon transition into a real comfortable summer day Sunday then to real downright nasty by the end of the week. This is the Midwest folks, Fall and summer like weather all in one week. Have a nice rest of your weekend and stay tuned for more weather forecast!




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