6 07 2009


I hope everyone enjoyed this wonderful summer day with high temperatures in the upper 7os to lower 80s today. Perfect for riding a bike, taking a run or simply sitting out on the front deck. Summertime humidity wasnt with us as well which made it even more so pleasent for this sunday, July 5th. But as we head throughout this week, that will change as a ridge starts to develop over the Central United States. First things first and the day by day forecast. As we head through tonight low temperatures will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s with low releative humidity, making it for a perfect night for camping and opening that window you have so long desired to all summer! As we head through the day Monday, this is when the transition takes place, high temperatures will begin to soar into the middle to upper 80s to near 90 degrees. Dew points and humidity will also be on the upglide through the day with dew points creeping up into the lower to middle 60s.

Tuesday gets interesting with a storm system approacing the area. The storm prediction center has issued a Slight risk for severe thunderstorms for a good portions of the viewing area, especially from Columbus to Little Sioux Iowa on Northwest. Ingredients will come together, such as CAPE in excess of 2000-3000, combined with middle to upper 60 dew points will create the chances of severe storms developing. But, a CAP of warm air will remain just above the surface, preventing thunderstorms from forming. If storms develop they would most likely occur in Northeast Nebraska and Northwestern and West Central Iowa where the CAP will be weaker and more dyamics to bust the cap will be present. I would say areas such as Norfolk, Columbus and Little Sioux Iowa have a better shot at seeing this happen. Things can change so please stay tuned for more information on this potential stormy weather in the region Tuesday.

Now the real heat begins later past Wednesday. High temperatures should soar into the lower – middle 90s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Also, the humidity will begin to increase dramatically with dew points surgining into the lower – middle 70s making fora deadly combo with heat indices approaching 100 possibly. This heat wave will not be nearly as strong as the last one, but it will be pretty brutal considering what we have been through this weekend with upper 60s and virtually no humidity. What goes up must come down of course, Saturday or friday could be the transition day to cooler temps. And also, some thunderstorms may erupt along a front with possible severe storms if the right ingredients come toghether. Bottom line is that Severe storms will be possible Tuesday over parts of the viewing area if the CAP can break and Heat is on for the end of the week.




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