7 07 2009


Hello everyone I hope you are having a great Monday and another start off to work for the week. Todays high temperatures sprouted into the lower – middle 80s, a little lower then what Big Red Weather Forecasted, but roughly close. A small thunderstorms even developed near the Omaha Metro area, but didnt produce any significant weather. As you also noticed the air feels a bit more sticky and will continue to rise through the upcoming couple of days.

On to the forecast, and The Big Weather story is the possible Storms plus severe storms over parts of the region. The storm prediction center has issued a Slight risk for portions of the viewing area, generally from Columbus to Fremont to Little Sioux Iowa. The main threats would be large hail and strong winds. Areas below that should have a slight chance at receiving thunderstorms, but those chances are low due to the cap. Forecast models develop storms first in Southeast South Dakota and develop southward into the above mentioned areas and then moves southeast through northern Iowa and Central Iowa near Des Moines. Temperatures Tuesday will be near 90 with dew points rising as well making for a sticky Tuesday. Low temperatures will roughly be in the 60s through the area.

After that the heat is on across the region. The heat dome will build into the region with relalative humidity increasing as well through friday. This will in turn make for a uncomfortable couple of days. High temperatures will surge into the 90s and upper 80s witha touch of humidity in the upper 60s for dew points. This heat wave should not be as brutal across the region because the heat ridge isnt as strong this time around and the highest temperatures should occur from I-80 south. The heat dome should break down by Friday with cold front moving into the region with a shot for thunderstorms, some possibly severe if we can get the right ingredients with the cold front at the right time. Bottom line is that the heat is building back in, chance for severe weather over northeast nebraska, west central Iowa and chance for storms later on friday.




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