8 07 2009


Hello and good Wednesday to everyone. Portions of the viewing area had a wild and loud early morning hours. Storms formed over portions of Northwest Iowa and Southeast South Dakota. At that point it seemed like it would miss us, but just as quickly storms re developed westward and heading due south through extreme Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. Bringing with it reports of Damaging Winds, power flicker and areas of .50-1.00″ of rainfall. It also turns out that’s forecast for Storms to form mainly east of a line from Norfolk to Falls City.

As we head through today, hot temperatures will be moving in once again and sticky conditions should persist as humid air rushes northward into the region. High temperatures should mainly be in the upper 80s to lower 90s. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk for Severe Storms over portions of Northeast Nebraska once again and general very slight risk for marginally severe isolated storms later Wednesday night from Lincoln to Falls city on Northwest from that. Again, it appears that a very small likilhood for storms to maintain strength through our viewing area, but it appears that the Low Level Jet helped the storms form more westward and maintain themselves. Nevertheless, storms expected to form over South Dakota and possible move southeast to affect areas in Eastern Nebraska with best Severe Storm Risk over portions of Northeast Nebraska mainly from Norfolk to Sioux City Line.




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