9 07 2009


Hello and good Thursday to viewers! After a few early morning Thunderstorms in the region we have got quite a Busy and Stormy afternoon and evening ahead for ourselves! Lets gets down to the situation right away. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk for Severe Storms over much of the State of Nebraska and Iowa. Right now the parameters look rather impressive with impressive dew points in the mid-upper 70s. This is a very moist atmosphere that will be spreading North from the Gulf of Mexico. Other parameters such as the CAPE is around 3000-4500 which is very high for severe storm outbreaks. Everything is in place for Severe Storm Outbreak across the entire viewing area. The entire viewing area is placed in the highest risk area. By looking at all these parameters, it appesr that VERY Large Hail to the size of baseballs will be possible, Damaging Straight line winds that could cause damage and possible ISOLATED TORNADOS will all be likely across the entire viewing area. A moderate risk was not issued with this newest update, but i think their is a decent liklihood of them issuing a Moderate risk for the viewing area with the next update. This even has the potential to be a significant outbreak that we havent seen all season considering our viewing area hasnt really been tested with immense amounts of Severe Storms. Please continue to stay tuned to for more updates through this developing Severe Weather situation. This story will be my main focal point through Thursday and this Severe Storm Outbreak issue has to be addressed alone by itself. In addition, I will be going out storm chasing so no updates will be made in the afternoon and evening hours.




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