THE BIG STORY: Scattered Severe Storms this afternoon?

10 07 2009


Hello everyone and good Friday Morning. Thursdays Severe Weather Outbreak ceased to exsist across the entire region. Let me explain what clearly went wrong. Yesterday morning a batch of cloud and showers made their way down into Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. The yproduced an outflow boundry which crossed much of our viewing area and left quite a few clouds for a while before clearing again. This outflow paved the way for cooler mid level temperature and hindered Storms from developing along with the decent sized CAP that formed over the region, thus Severe Storms never formed across the region.

As we head through the day today the Storm Prediction Center has issued a Slight Risk for Severe Storms across much of the state of Nebraska wit an incoming cold front across the region. What does this mean? It means Large Hal and Strong Winds will be possible across the region, the chances of this happening are at about 40-50% shot and if anything forms, should be over by 5:00 PM

As the cold front moves through later today temperatures will be coolest from I-80 northward with temps in the mid 80s for Saturday with barely less humid conditions. As we head through the rest of Sunday and next week it appears that Thunderstorm Chances will increase and should have a chance about every day along with temperatures in the upper 80s all week long. Some storms could actually be severe so stay tuned.




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