11 07 2009


Storms have managed to not form the last couple of days across the entire forecast reigon. The main culprit for this has been the persistant CAP and low cloud cover. I have to apologize for the in accurate forecast, sometimes you have all the right ingredients for Thunderstorms and Severe Weather, but if you have a CAP of warm air over the region, none of those parameters even matter.

On to the forecast the cold front will move through the region tonight, but not much cold air will filter into the region and not much less humid air will either. All this moisture will result in Fog Saturday Morning over areas from I-80 north. Temperatures over the weekend should be in the upper 80s across the entire forecast region. A few isolated storms may form Sunday Night in response to a weather system in Western Nebraska. We will have to watch these storms as a few could be strong to severe.

Temperatures in fact all week long should be in the Mid – Upper 80s across the entire region. The next chance for precipitation next comes on Monday-Wednesday time frame and will have to watch those for potential Severe weather. Stay tuned.




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