Weather Education

Weather Education and Fun!

Weekly, i will post a few weather definitions as well as a weather video or anything else cool and interesting related to weather

Weather Video of the Week

Time lapse Radar video of 7 Months!

Weather Definitions of the Week!

Veering Winds – Winds which shift in a clockwise direction with time at a given location (e.g., from southerly to westerly), or which change direction in a clockwise sense with height (e.g., southeasterly at the surface turning to southwesterly aloft).

Virga – Streaks or wisps of precipitation falling from a cloud but evaporating before reaching the ground.

Vorticity – A measure of the local rotation in a fluid flow. In weather analysis and forecasting, it usually refers to the vertical component of rotation (i.e., rotation about a vertical axis) and is used most often in reference to synoptic scale or mesoscale weather systems. By convention, positive values indicate cyclonic rotation.


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